[Glade-users] Help with custom widget support in python

My first post.

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 and glade 3.6.7
I am writing a custom catalog and having problems with adapter code.
my catalog is called pythonplugin and it just imports my widgets.(eg HAL_LED)
this works fine.
but now I want to have the widgets update in the glade editor when options are 
picked (eg. led color)

when I add:

GLADE complains that it can't find it:

Could not find pythonplugin.HAL_LED.post_create in /usr/lib/glade3/modules/libgladepython.so or in global 

Any help or an example of work code would be great.
The documentation is pretty thin.

I would like to use displable values like this Gnome example 
            <value id="GNOME_PREFERENCES_NEVER" name="Never"></value>
            <value id="GNOME_PREFERENCES_USER" name="User"></value>
        <value id="GNOME_PREFERENCES_ALWAYS" name="Always"></value>
but glade complains it can't find the value ids
this problem is probably related to the first.

Is there a GLADE  Wiki?

Thanks Chris M
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