[Glade-users] Solaris 10 - Which Glade Version to Use?

On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 12:45 AM, Dan Moore <danmoore63043 at yahoo.com> wrote:
Thanks, Juan.

Gnome is the standard Java Desktop System user
interface. ?I'm not sure if that tells you that gtk comes
as part of it.

At home, my Linux distro resolves any dependencies,
and allows me to be ignorant about these things. ?Things
aren't so clear-cut at work.

My app will run on Solaris systems that are vanilla
Solaris 10. ?Building a different environment for
development will probably buy me incompatibilities.

Ok cool, so why do you need to run glade on solaris?

all you need to find out is which version of gtk is
available in
solaris and target your project in glade to that version.

You may be thinking that I could use Linux at work, but that isn't an option. ?My work development 
environment is Solaris. ?If I want to use glade to develop the UI, I need to get it running there.

    Here are the simple facts, from what I understand you want
to write an application that is targeting a system that runs GTK+ 2.12

   a.) GTK+ 2.12 comes with GtkBuilder support

   b.) Glade supports GtkBuilder and lets you target your version
         to avoid version conflict surprises at run time (i.e. on the
target host).
         This feature is added in Glade 3.6

   c.) Glade 3.6 which comes with GtkBuilder support requires at least
2.14 to run
        (but will happily output libglade format files targetting GTK+
2.8 if you ask it to).

If you want to write a project that uses GtkBuilder to target an older
system running 2.12; you can do that. You need a system that is up
to date to do it with, thats all.

I think that this is a simple case of your work development environment
being out of date.


Does looking at the libglade libraries narrow down the
possibilities? ?On my system, I found:




Does this help at all? ?Perhaps there are other files
that would give a better idea of which Glade to run. ?If
that is true, let me know what they are, and I will look
around for them.

Despite the name, glade does not use libglade, that was the
used by clients to load the .glade file at runtime.

Now its better to use GtkBuilder to do that which is
already included in GTK.

I've heard of GtkBuilder, and I knew that the final application used libglade. ?I thought that the libglade 
level might give us an idea of just how capable (or incapable) this particular gnome environment is.

Perhaps that points up the real question, seeing that I need to run glade on the same platform that I'm 
developing for: what version of glade will run on my version of gnome. ?gnome-panel --version says 2.6.1


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