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On Fri, 2009-09-25 at 01:21 -0500, chirag jain wrote:

There is a project called Scratch stated and completed successfully at
MIT. For more details please visit the following url:


Please download the application and have a look at it. 

I am trying to create a scratch like application with more advanced
features like code generation capability. 
I will be using Glade to design my application's GUI.

In the scratch there are some drag and drop widgets which can be
attached to each other to form a logic. Since I am new to Glade, I
want to know can we create these drag and drop widgets in glade too
with different shapes?

If yes then please send me some tutorials links.

Take a look at
It uses a custom clock widget as an example. You can drag the minute arm
in the clock widget, so it should get you some idea how drag and drop
works. Note though, that the clock arm is not a separate widget. If you
to make it a separate widget, you'd need to derive the main widget from
GtkContainer instead of GtkDrawingArea, but the logic is similar.

Thanking you

Chirag Jain

Undergraduate Student 
Netaji Subash Institute of Technology
New Delhi

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