[Glade-users] radio buttons help

I think I have some misunderstanding of how radio buttons work in glade 3 and I need a little help.

I create a table and filled it with radio buttons. Each of the radio buttons has a name radiobutton1, 
radiobutton2, ...
and a corresponding label, b1, b2, .... 

Now the tooltop for the Group property of the radiobuttons says "The radio button whose group this widget 
belongs to" so the for the 1st radio button, I left this empty and for all the others I entered radiobutton1 
for this property.

There is only one signal specific to radio buttons; group-changed, and I added a handler for each button, 
although I would prefer to use the same handler for every radio button and pass in the button number as user 
data but I don't know haow to do that yet either.

This compiles and runs fine with no errors or even warnings but nothing happens when any of the radio buttons 
are pressed. The group-changed handlers never get called. What am I missing?

$ rpm -qa | grep glade3


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