[Glade-users] Suppressing states of File Chooser Button, Data retrieving from a dialog

Hi all,

I want to be able to pick a file in a dialog, therefore i have chosen
a File Chooser Button(GtkFileChooserButton) for it. My problem is that
this widget prints the state in the button before and after i choose a
file. As the dialog appears, i have a "(None)" initial state, whereafter
a file has been chosen, the path of file printed to the left part of the

So far i couldn't find any alternative file picker widgets that would
show a simple iconed button. Using the GtkFileChooserButton, I wonder if
there is any way to supress the states that appear in the button? I am
going to print the path information to an editable GtkEntry next to the
file picker..

My second question is more general and about retrieving data from a
dialog. What is best way to retrieve data from dialogs with a long
children tree? I implemented a recursive look-up method which searches
the children widgets by label. Why do gtk libraries not offer such a


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