[Glade-users] titlebars


I am pretty sure I get what you are saying. But even the "maximize" and
"close" icons in the top right on the titlebar are like 50% smaller than
they should be. Doesn't matter how big or small the window expands the
titlebar remains very small. Does this make sense? I could send you a
screenshot if you like.

Yes I misread the situation sorry, from what you wrote back I thought
maybe it was just a tiny window.

Did you really build GTK+ and its dependancies on suse ?

if so, are other applications running against your installed GTK+ ?

my guess is that you installed GTK+ relocated, and your app is
the only one that runs against that particular GTK+ installation,
which is probably messed up for OpenSUSE (possibly there are
configure options to GTK+ or additional theme packages needed
for that desktop, maybe the desktop integration is just broken
for your GTK+ build).

Are you able to build against the system GTK+ by installing
the system headers ? (maybe the disted GTK+ is just too old ?)


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