[Glade-users] Glade 3 and gtkextra

I have read the docs at http://glade.gnome.org/docs and I have looked at 
the gtkextra docs/mailing list as well.  I understand I must create a 
gtkextra.xml catalog file such as:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<glade-catalog name="gtkextra" library="gtkextra-2.0" depends="gtk+">
    <glade-widget-class name="GtkSheet" generic-name="GtkSheet" 
    <glade-widget-class name="GtkPlot" generic-name="GtkPlot" 
  <glade-widget-group name="GtkExtra" title="GtkExtra">
    <glade-widget-class-ref name="GtkSheet"/>
    ... widget class references go here

but there are a lot of blanks which I am not sure how to fill in.  When 
I search testgtksheet.c there is only gtk_init(), no 
GtkExtra/GtkSheet/GtkPlot init-function and no plugin_post_create 
function.  The documentation for gtkextra is sparse, the tutorial is 
there but no reference.  I have looked at the gtkextra tutorial and I 
have found this PHP website which offers some information regarding the 
GtkExtra GtkSheet class, 
http://gtk.php.net/manual1/cs/html/extra.gtksheet.html.  I am 
programming in C and I can't find a reference for C.  All of the 
examples for gtkextra I have seen create the window by calling gtk 
functions directly in the program not through glade xml files.  Has 
anyone been able to add GtkExtra widgets to Glade3?  If not should it be 
done or should I create the window through direct calls to gtk?

Thanks for the quick response,


Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 1:48 PM, Patrick McEvoy
<pmcevoy at silvacapitalmgmt.com> wrote:

I would like to add the gtkextra widget set to Glade 3.  Does anyone
have instructions on how to do this?  I can not find a custom widget
catalog for gtkextra and I don't know how to create one.  Any help would
be greatly appreciated.

Hi, have you read the docs ?
(they should also be available in devhelp when installing
the glade3 package).

Please read the first few chapters about adding widgets and
write back with any specific questions you may have, or get me
in #glade3 on irc.gnome.org if I'm around (or Juan...)




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