[Glade-users] Alignment problems

Hi folks,

I'm new in this list, also I'm not a Glade/GTK expert, so I'm here to bother
you guys with some questions.. any help is welcome! =)

I want to create a "login interface", but with two types of authentication,
side by side. below of them there is a "status textview", to show
errors/warnings/messages at all. My problem is that I can't get
labels/entrys aligned!! I would like to get labels aligned to the right,
entry's to the left, and evertyhing arranged in a table, like glade shows

It's quite difficult to explain what I want. But if you get the glade
archive, you will notice that I've created 2 vertical boxes inside a 1
horizontal box with 3 rows (the mid row I put a vertical separator), so I
would like to get these 2 vertical boxes aligned with each other, but I'm
not achieving that, when I don't fill one of the "rows" glade fill this
space with something else, so it won't get aligned.

is my problem understandable? haha I'm sorry for the horrible english guys.

attached that is my glade file.

Thanks in advance,

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