[Glade-users] Accelerators don't work in 3.6.7 in items with actions

2009/8/16 Israel Fern?ndez Cabrera <iferca at gmail.com>:
Hi all, I'm using Python+PyGTK+Glade3 under Ubuntu GNU/Linux to
develop a personal project. I've recently upgrade to Glade 3.6.7 (HO)
via a git clone and compiled it successfully.
I'm having problems with my application because the accelerator of
items that uses Actions don't work. AccelGroup is only available if
the item uses stock image but not if the items enables the ?Use Action
Appearance? option.
I've tried to set the AccelGroup post XML load with gtk.Builder but no
success. I'll appreciate any hint, reference in documentation or what
ever you consider helpful.

The accel-group property is only useful to coerce stock menu items
to work properly (i.e. its only actually used for stock items).

The accelerators property will set an <accelerator> tag in the GtkBuilder
output... and I should remember to say there was a recent bugfix in GTK+
for accelerators in submenus (which were generally broken, but its fixed
in newer releases).

But IMO the fact you can set accelerators on items that have actions
should be reviewed and is probably a mistake, I think it would in most
cases make more sense to attach the accelerator to the action itself
(and just let menu proxies display the action's accelerator in their

unfortunately we dont setup accelerators on actions in Glade yet, I think
we would probably have to make GtkAction parse <accelerator> tags first...


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