[Glade-users] PangoFontDescription in ListStore

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 5:47 PM, Jonathan Lane <lanej at horizon.com> wrote:
Prior to glade 3.6.2, I was setting the "font-desc" property of each
cell with a PangoFontDescription. ?I'm now trying to redo the
ListStore in glade, but I see no type for PangoFontDescription.

Has this just not been added yet, or am I supposed to be doing this
some other way?

Its just missing, currently Glade only lets you add columns for type
that Glade knows how to edit.

Would you mind filing a bug about this one on bugzilla.gnome.org
product: glade3 ?

Basically liststore data editing is not as important as setting up
columns and renderers, so we should be able to handle the types
even if we dont let the user edit those types (like now we just dont
have an editor in place for the font descriptions from the data editor).


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