[Glade-users] adding custom widgets

I'm just reading through:


After reading the three pages under this heading and trying a few
things out, its obvious to me that I have no idea what I'm doing.  My
goal is to be able to design and use custom widgets using Glade-3 for
my gtk-builder applications.  So, I thought I just play the dummy and
do what is in the documentation by rote to see what happened.  I got
to the part about "Validating and installing" and hit some snags right

The command:

    xmllint --dtdvalid glade-catalog.dtd --noout my-catalog.xml

failed because I can't find glade-catalog.dtd on my system.  Any idea
where to get it or what package it might be in?

The command:

    pkg-config --variable=catalogdir gladeui-1.0

just exits without printing any directory.  Guess I'm missing
something here as well. Same thing with the other pkg-config commands.

At this point I basically stopped.  Can someone help me get going again?

Gerald Britton

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