[Glade-users] Partial interfaces - no top level?

matthew pr wrote:
You can build from a specific widget in the "glade.XML" method.
For example (using python, but it should be similar for ruby):
frame_tree = gtk.glade.XML('somewidget.glade', 'someframe')
frame = frame_tree.get_widget('

Put your widget inside a 'window' toplevel (or any other toplevel).
This has the advantage that if you ever want to display your widget
seperately, you can just do:
window_tree = gtk.glade.XML('somewidget.glade')
without the second argument.

I hope this helps!

Ah, this makes a lot of sense. Yes, I should get a chance to try this
out at the weekend, or even before if I'm lucky. Thanks for the steer!



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