[Glade-users] Partial interfaces - no top level?

Hi list,

Sorry if this is an elementary question, but thus far I haven't managed
to find anything via Google: Is it possible to define a partial
interface in glade? In other words, one which does not have a top level

I'd like to build an application which dynamically loads chunks of
functionality which may be unknown at design time (i.e. plug-ins). I'd
like to be able to pass the plug-in a reference to a container widget
(supplied by the main application UI, maybe a notebook page) and
effectively have it assign its own partial user interface this widget as
a container.

It looks like the only way to achieve this is for the plug-ins to define
their UI programatically. I can't just seem to create, say, a frame as
the highest-level widget and build my UI in this. Of course, I may also
be thinking/going about this in completely the wrong way.

If it makes any difference, I will be using ruby for the development.

Thanks for any pointers.



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