[Glade-users] adding custom widgets written with Gtkmm

On Sat, 2008-09-20 at 11:58 -0400, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

Please tell me that your widget already works and that your
not making your tests in an experimental glade environment :D

Just have to double check ;-)

It seems that an application using any gtkmm widgets (and thus libglade
if the implementation of a widget happens to be in gtkmm) must create a
Gtk::Main object from gtkmm and destroy it when exiting.

Is there any way to make that happen from the catalog (I see that there
is support for an init function - but this object must last from before
the first gtkmm widget is created until after the last is destroyed).

What does "/gtk/gtkwidget.c:7967):gtk_widget_real_realize()" have to
say about it, did you look at the source around the assertion ?

I'm just getting my feet wet with gtk at the moment, but it looks like
I've stepped in a very deep puddle.

Tristan Wibberley

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