[Glade-users] cant find a way to create drop downs in toolbar buttons using glade

I'm not familiar with these terms you are using (I've never worked  
with the menu bar too much).

I'm guessing you added the "File | Edit | View" buttons, and you can  
add buttons such as "Copy" and "Paste" but you can't a whole new  
series of drop down buttons like "File_2". All I can say is that all  
the functionality should be there in the 'edit menu bar' pop up  
window. I'l let you know more once I get to the office

On 19 Oct 2008, at 03:47, anusha k wrote:

thanks for your reply.i more thing now i added tool bar and then  
added the toolbar-button-with-menu(which is present in gtk- 
additional) but i am not able to add menu list in that can u tell me  
how to access it.
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On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 6:41 PM, PEYMAN ASKARI <paskari007 at yahoo.ca>  
Well it's pretty easy with glade 2 (more or less the same with glade  

In the palette select 'Menu Bar' and it will create your default  
'File | Edit | View' buttons, then under the properties tab you  
click on 'Edit Menus'. From here it's pretty simple to rename menus,  
and connect signals to them.

One wierd thing I have noticed with glade is that it has a tendency  
to completely muck up your menubar. So you'll spend an hour  
connecting all the signals, and changing all the names, then a month  
later, 'poof', they're magically all gone!


anusha k <anuhacks at gmail.com> wrote:
i mean to create a toolbar button with menu same as we seen  NEW| 
SAVE in gedit. And also trying to add menu items in that using  
Glade-2.please tell me
Thanks in advance.
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On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 5:28 PM, Peyman <paskari007 at yahoo.ca> wrote:

When you say buttons with a drop down list, do you mean like the  
'File | Edit |...' menu bar, or do you mean a treeview wich compacts  
and expands. I'm at a bit of a loss as to how a button would expand.

On 18 Oct 2008, at 12:10, anusha k wrote:

i am newbie in creating GUI using glade.i know pygtk very well and  
can manage to write GUI using pure pygtk code.however now i have  
started to use glade and  i am trying to create toolbar with buttons  
which will dropdown list of choices and button will have a typical  
down arrow which indicates that the button contains a dropdown .so  
can anyone give me suggestion on creating a dropdown in toolbar  
thanks in advance.

Njoy the share of Freedom,
Anusha kadambala

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