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One last thing, if, in the combobox, I retrieve the active text, it accurately writes what it's supposed to. 
So the combobox is filtering the correct values, just not displaying them.

PEYMAN ASKARI <paskari007 at yahoo.ca> wrote: So I did some more testing, and I connected the same filter to 
a combobox to see if the issue was with the treeview widget, or something more general, and as it turns out, 
the filter adds the items to the combobox, but only adds them as blank spaces. So the drop down menu gets 
longer and longer, but there is nothing written inside there. This is really wierd since the filter is not 
suppsoed to change the elements, only pick and choose a subset of them

PEYMAN ASKARI <paskari007 at yahoo.ca> wrote: I'm having a problem filtering treeviews.

Essentially I have three treeviews, and a bunch of combo boxes which filter those treeviews, more or less 
like so



And it works perfectly, but when I do the  exact same thing, but for another treeview widget (as opposed to a 
combobox widget), none of the entries show up...it's just an empty treeview widget with no rows/columns. If I 
query for the depth of the treeview, or if I traverse the elements inside it, they are there, just not 

Does anyone know what I can do?
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