[Glade-users] Signal question.

    About your dialog bug, I think if you can reproduce
it in a small test case and show us we can nail it, what
you are trying sounds like a normal approach.

Font in textview: we dont have support yet in glade
trunk for GtkTextTag and GtkTextTagTable (I think gtkbuilder
lacks tagtable/texttag associations too), so for now
I think thats out of the question (I'd suggest for now
you do that part in code).

The pango attributes editor for GtkLabel::attributes is
in a usable state but unfinished and not user friendly yet
(although in newer code I still recommend you use this
instead of markup strings)

As for signal documentation, make sure you have devhelp
installed, and use the help button for the selected widget.

Unfortunately, you'll have to look around for the signal in
the docs since sometimes the signal is implied by a parent
widget or an interface - improvements on the glade signal
editor would allow us to make direct links to the signals
in the documentation (try enabling View->Context help to
see an example of how we do this for object properties).

Hope this answers some questions.


On 10/13/08, Peter Keller <psilord at cs.wisc.edu> wrote:

When implementing the generic Help->About menuitem using glade-3 and
gtk+-2.0, I have it call a signal which gtk_widget_shows the dialog
box. For the dialog box, the response function (which is apparently the
close button) end up calling gtk_widget_hide to make it go away.

However, when I close the window using the window manager buttons in
the corner of the window, it seems the dialog box is forever destroyed
and unable to be gotten back again.

I've tried connecting a signal to the GtkObject destroy signal to hide
the window instead, and it is called--but the window is destroyed anyway.

Any suggesstions?

Also, this is my first foray into using glade-3 (and glade in general). I
understand the concept of the signal and slots, but is there some sort of
comprehensive documentation on the signals and slots available for each
possible widget in glade-3 and how to use them by example? I find things
like how do I change a font in the text view difficult to figure out.


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