[Glade-users] Relative filenames

On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 3:42 AM, James <proglottis at nothing.co.nz> wrote:
Are relative filenames allowed in glade-3? I guess it depends on GTK
XML, does anyone know? The GTK documentation says:

"Pixbufs can be specified as a filename of an image file to load."

Glade seems to copy the images to whichever folder I save the glade
file. Which works, but it's turning my resources folder a bit of a
dumping ground.

I am happy you are nearly the only one to ever have complained about
that :) that being said, trunk doesnt do this anymore, new glade will
let you put absolute or relative paths, and give you a project option
to specify where to load the basename from when running glade.

I tried editing the glade file manually, and it works, even correctly
translates into the GTK XML. But since I used Linux path separators it's
a gamble if it's going to work in windows.

I really wish you could try this and file a bug if we need one, glade
files should be portable and load path strings in a portable way.


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