[Glade-users] A click-less interface

Hello all,
            So here is the problem and any suggestions are welcome.

I am building a click-less interface, driven by an automatic speech
When I run my main function, I load the appropriate glade file, get the
input from the speech recogniser, load the appropriate widget.
To show the window, I use Gtk::Main::run().  But the problem is the speech
recogniser is kept on hold as this function waits for a return when the
window is stopped.
When I click close on the window, by speech recognizer restarts.

If I take the display function out of the class and try to force-load a
window, I am getting GTK reparenting widget error or Xlib: unexpected async
In both these errors, teh system hangs.

I tried to use window->show() instead of run(), but sadly, only the frame is
displayed and none of the images or text appears on the window.

Any suggestions about alternatives to run()?

Thanks a lot in advance.


BalaKrishna Kolluru
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