[Glade-users] Getting data during a loop

I am working on a program for controlling my shortwave
receiver using Glade, pyGTK, and python.

One routine loops through a series of channel presets,
sending them to the radio, and then reading the
frequencies as they are set on the radio.  (pyserial
is taking care of this) The frequencies are supposed
to be sent to a TextView window as they are read from
the radio, but they are stored until the loop is
finished and sent all at once.  During this test
phase, they are also being written to the command line
console, and they are being written there correctly. 
I'm using logwindow.set_text(text,len(text)) to do
this.  I copied this from a sample program somewhere. 
Is there a different way?

Also, where can I find information on writing
different fonts into a textview.  Using pango, I
guess, but I haven't found anything.

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