[Glade-users] Glade Windows C++ Code Generation

On Sat, 2008-08-30 at 14:35 -0700, shashi kumar wrote:
Hello Guys,

I am new to Glade tool, I wanted to develop GUI in windows my
intention to develop GUI which can run in both linux and windows so i
choose Glade. 
When i generate C code from glade every thing works fine, but when i
try  to generate C++ code from glade tool i get this error 

"Error running glade-- to generate the C++ source code.
Check that you have glade-- installed and that it is in your PATH.
Then try running 'glade-- <project_file.glade>' in a terminal."

I don't know why this error is coming, i tried out running the same
from command prompt but no use.
If you guys gone trough the same error please help me solving this. 

The C++ code generator is a separate project from Glade 2. You can find
the web address in the README if you want to download and install it.

Note that Glade 2 is pretty old now. Using Glade 3 is recommended, and
Glade 3 doesn't generate code - interfaces are loaded dynamically
instead, using libglade or the new GTK+ functions.


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