[Glade-users] Unique widget names

Fernando J. Leal wrote:


I have a rather odd problem, and hope to find some help in these lists:
I'm maintaining a Python application that uses PyGTK and a GTK UI
created with Glade. Until a few months ago (the last time I changed it),
Glade was happy with my practise of using identical names for widgets
inside different containers - as an example, 2 GtkWindow widgets
("window_1" and "window_2") could each have a button called "bt_close".
Since for each window a different class would be instantiated and load
the corresponding widgets using Win=gtk.glade.XML(<glade_file>,
'window_<x>') and bt=Win.glade.get_widget('bt_close'), there was no
possible confusion. I can confirm this to work on Glade up to (and
including) v3.3.3.

Now, after some time without changing the application, I opened it using
Glade 3.4.5 and I found out that when saving the XML file, Glade renamed
all the widgets to "bt_close1", "bt_close2", "bt_close3" and so on,
regardless of the fact that they were in different containers. This has
caused me a lot of trouble, since either I have to use a previous Glade
version (until 3.3.3, at least) or I have to change all my code, class
by class, to match the new widget names. The new Glade (3.4.5) doesn't
allow me to rename a widget and use the same name I already used for
another one, even if they lie inside completely different containers.

I'd like to ask if this behaviour is "by design", or is there a way to
configure it?

Thank you.

I don't have an answer to your question, but I thought that it might help
for you to know that I also use 3.4.5 and I also practice the technique
that you described of using the name in multiple glade files, but I have
not observed the problem that you described.  Oh, wait.  I think the
difference is that I put one thing -- what you are calling a container, I
think -- inside each Glade file.  Perhaps you could solve your problem by
splitting your glade files.
Jeffrey Barish

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