[Glade-users] GtkHelpDialog and close....

Roland Roberts wrote:
I've seen this listed as a bug elsewhere and seen it listed as
not-a-bug.  But it's annoying.

The "Credits" and "License" buttons just work without having to connect
any signals.  But the close button does nothing.  And when building with
glade, the internal action area does not let me access the close button
to connect a signal.

Okay, that part is not quite true.  It does, it's just that the signal isn't
what I expected.

And this isn't a glade issue at all; I asked over on the gtk-app-devel
mailing list.  Just so anyone who stumbles across this message with a
similar problem will know, the appropriate signal to connect is the
"response" signal on the dialog box itself, not one of its children.

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