[Glade-users] gtk and STL

Hi all 

I am making a list in Glade2. using gtk. it has just three signals (adding to, erase from, get select)

the problem that my application is written in C++ using STL. so I want to call the function of glade with 
std::string variables and and also return std::string.

Here is the code...

class AUCompList : public AUCompList_glade
    struct Columns : public Gtk::TreeModelColumnRecord             
        Gtk::TreeModelColumn<std::string> column1;
        Gtk::TreeModelColumn<std::string> name;
        Columns() { add(column1);add(name); }
    Columns columns;
    Gtk::CellRendererText* cell_renderer_text;
    Gtk::TreeViewColumn* name_column;
    Gtk::TreeRow row;

    AUCompList(GlademmData *gmm_data); //: AUCompList_glade(gmm_data)
    Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::ListStore> treestore;
        void AddRow( std::string peer );
    void RemoveRow( std::string peer );
    std::string selected_peer(); 

AUCompList::AUCompList(GlademmData *gmm_data): AUCompList_glade(gmm_data)
        treestore = Gtk::ListStore::create( columns );
        set_model( treestore );
        append_column("Peer Name", columns.column1);
        name_column = get_column(0);
        Gtk::CellRenderer* cell_renderer = name_column->get_first_cell_renderer();
        cell_renderer_text = dynamic_cast<Gtk::CellRendererText*>(cell_renderer);


void AUCompList::AddRow( std::string peer )
        row = *(treestore->append());
        //row[columns.name] = "red";
        //name_column->add_attribute(cell_renderer_text->property_background(),    columns.name);
        row[columns.column1] = peer;

void AUCompList::RemoveRow( std::string peer )
        row = *(treestore->erase(peer));

std::string AUCompList::selected_peer()
    std::string str;
    get_selection()->get_selected()->get_value(columns.column1, str);

    return str;

Thank you in advance


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