[Glade-users] autoconf2.50 help me :(

Hi all 

I am modifying a GUI done by Glade 2.12.1.  when I build my changes, it gives me this output:

sh: autoconf2.50: command not found
/usr/bin/autoconf: line 493: echo: write error: Broken pipe
Found pkg-config version 0.21.0
Generating code for gtk 2.10.11 (pkg-config), gtkmm 2.10.11 (pkg-config)
Using autoconf 2.61.0, automake-1.9 1.9.6

So the files and make files are created and the compilation  is running OK. but in the excution the GUI never 
started and the error is in (!!!.iso) file.

Could anybody help me.

Thank you in advance.


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