[Glade-users] Fwd: libglade interface creation error

           I have cross compiled libglade and was trying a simple
example I found on the web. It works fine on the i386 machine. But
when I try to run the same after cross compilation, I get a
segmentation fault. It cannot create the interface.

 main_window = glade_xml_new ("example-1.glade", NULL, NULL);

Part of the strace output is below:

gettimeofday({342, 152664}, NULL)       = 0
--- SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault) @ 0 (0) ---
gettid()                                = 765
gettimeofday({344, 747565}, NULL)       = 0
write(1, " GTK Init started Interface to b"..., 41 GTK Init started
Interface to be created) = 41
write(2, "(!) [  765:    0.000] --> Caught"..., 42(!) [  765:
0.000] --> Caught signal 11) = 42
write(2, " (at 0x18bcf210, invalid address"..., 38 (at 0x18bcf210,
invalid address) <--
) = 38

Also ,the standalone machine does not have an internet connection so I
changed the catalog file and put it in the /etc/xml directory.

Could you please let me know why this might happen  or any ideas as to
how to debug this issue?

Thank you

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