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Welington R. Braga wrote:
Hi Diego,

I thought it's a excelent work, but said me one thing: How could I
change/set properties in some widget? For example set "label" property
in a GtkLabel. Is it possible?
Thanks for your comments and I apologize for the OT. I strongly
encourage to use autoglade's mailing lists (http://autoglade.sf.net).

Yes, it's possible.
Just try this:
1) create a dialog
2) add a "Close" button (Response ID: -7) to the action area.

BTW: Why it's not possible to set "number of items" to 1 in an action
area in glade 3.4.0 ?

3) add a label (name: label1) leave the Label text unchanged, set "Use
markup" to yes
4) save it as setlabel.glade


$ autoglade --debug --autoinit="label1.set_markup('<big><b>Hello
World</b></big>')" \ setlabel.glade

If you are using the latest autoglade from the subversion repository,
you can also try this

$ autoglade --debug --autoinit="label1.set_markup('Now is
<b>$(date)</b>')" \
--autoinit-split=NONE setlabel.glade

This is the simplest way using only the command line. You can do
something similar in a python module if more control is needed.

Hope this helps.
2007/10/10, Diego Torres Milano <diego at codtech.com>:
I've been working on a tool named autoglade that could be of help to
simplify application development using glade as the interface designer.
You can download autoglade from http://sourceforge.net/projects/autoglade.
A basic tutorial can be found in the wiki:
More to come.

Comments, suggestions, critics, bugs, fixes, etc are gladly welcome.
Please use autoglade's mailing lists.
        Diego Torres Milano
COD Technologies Ltd.
diego at codtech.com <mailto:diego at codtech.com>

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        Diego Torres Milano
COD Technologies Ltd.
diego at codtech.com <mailto:diego at codtech.com>

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