[Glade-users] how to add the user control in platter ?

On Nov 29, 2007 1:06 AM, wubei83 <wubei83 at 163.com> wrote:

 Dear friend :
   I'm glad to join us !
   I'm learning glade and have some questions .I know how to creat a user
control ,but it's a pity that i don't find a way how to add the control in
control library . I will appreciate you  very much  if you could give me a
guide .
   I'm looking forward your replay! thank you !

start with this:

it links to a catalog file and shows an easy way to install it.

to make it recognize your widget class and introspect properties
and signals you installed on that type you will need to remove
the "parent" attribute and add the "library" attribute to be sure
that we can load the type from your library.
(you can use the "get-type-function" attribute or just the "type"
attribute, in which case a get_type() function will be derived
from the name and tried).

All of the said attributes apply to the <glade-widget-class> tag.

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