[Glade-users] windows port

Unfortunately I do not have much experience with GUI programming. I am a 
beginner, and I just wanted to try out GTK, but most of the binaries 
compiled for Windows are really old, and I agree with you that they make 
applications look really ugly. I really like the look and feel of the 
GNOME desktop in Linux, but in Windows GTK just looks a little ugly.

For now I think I will just stick with learning Qt, and then try GTK 
when it becomes truly multi platform and ready for the Windows platform.

But I really like the direction in which GTK is going with Glade. Being 
able to save your user interface in a seperate glade file is a really 
nice thing that I do not think Qt provides good support for. It really 
allows you to concentrate on coding the program engine by letting you 
build the UI interface in Glade quickly.

Daniel Kasak wrote:
On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 09:42 +0200, Hasan Hasanov wrote:


I am wondering if the latest versions of Glade (3.4) and libglade have 
windows ports.  I found this:
but it seems to be outdated.

That's the latest binary I know of. Apparently others have compiled
later versions, but there haven't been any binary releases since the
initial 3.0 release. Hang in there. It's bound to happen sooner or

On a mostly-unrelated matter, since you're using Gtk2 on Windows, have
you found any Gtk2 themes for Windows that don't look like some horrible
joke from the early '80s?

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