[Glade-users] setting a radio button group

On 11/1/07, Paul Emsley <emsley at ysbl.york.ac.uk> wrote:


I am having trouble setting the group of a radio button.
When I add a the first radio button, the group field is
not editable.

When I add the second radio button I then use "..." to select
the (group of?) the first radio button.

Now radiobutton2 has a group but radiobutton1 does not.

I save.

I restart.

I get the message:
(glade-3:13776): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_radio_menu_item_get_group: assertion
`GTK_IS_RADIO_MENU_ITEM (radio_menu_item)' failed

So I'm doing something wrong.  It is not clear to me how
to do this correctly.

Advice appreciated.

(Using latest stable glade)

That warning message has been fixed in a recent patch, it shouldnt
be affecting the resulting glade file though (sounds like you have a
radio group that should work).

to make a real test, just run the ./test-libglade program that comes
with the libglade tarball, the radio buttons with your setup should be
working well.

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