[Glade-users] (newbie) gcc compilation

On Tue, 2007-05-01 at 20:24 +0200, david cobac wrote:
All is ok when i run my age output file under he directory including
the .glade file, but when i move my binary file, i've got a lot of
errors, it seems that it's looking for the .glade file...
I've surely miised some compilation option...but what ?

No problems with the compilation here, just that you need to know
where the glade file is and tell that to libglade.

if you say to libglade: glade_xml_new ("age.glade"); ... well, I'd
expect there to be an age.glade in the current directory - otherwise
you could always say glade_xml_new ("/path/to/age.glade")... then you'd
have to put the glade file in the correct path.

You could also construct your path at runtime and use environment 
variables if you want to change your app's resource directory
at runtime.


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