[Glade-users] (newbie) gcc compilation

On Tue, 2007-05-01 at 20:24 +0200, david cobac wrote:
All is ok when i run my age output file under he directory including
the .glade file, but when i move my binary file, i've got a lot of
errors, it seems that it's looking for the .glade file...
I've surely miised some compilation option...but what ?

libglade will need to be able to find your glade file at runtime.  If
you don't specify a path, it looks in the current directory; this is
fine until you move the app (or run it from some other location).  You
need to do one of a couple things:

You can arrange to have your glade file installed in a known location.
In general, this is probably the preferred way to solve this problem.
Many applications store their glade files somewhere under
$PREFIX/share/$APPLICATION, where $PREFIX is the installation prefix
(e.g. /usr/local).  Many applications use autoconf/automake to manage
their build systems, allowing the user a great deal of customization as
to where things are.  These paths (such as the value of $PREFIX) will be
built in to the application, so it knows where to look.

You could also, as a part of your build process, convert your .glade
file to a .c file defining a C string containing the contents of your
glade file, and load the UI from that buffer rather than a file.  This
would allow the application to keep running anywhere you drop it, but
requires more rebuilding when you change the UI in Glade.

My application does the former - glade files are installed in
$PREFIX/share/goanna/glade by default.

- Michael

Michael Ekstrand
Research Assistant, Scalable Computing Laboratory
Goanna, compute cluster and InfiniBand network monitor tool:

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