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On 5/1/07, Jason Brisbane <darkeen at westnet.com.au> wrote:

Hello All,

I have developed my own program for keeping track of Battles for DnD.
(Yes, a Double geek, I know). It uses Mysql5.0 and works quite well.

:D cool

I want to be able to save the database name, username, password and
server to a "settings file" and get the user to save these details
once they run the program for the first time. I have created a
Settings screen within Glade and hooked it in, no problems.
I have the Glade programming down pat (thanks to you people on this
list, and the excellent GTK and Glade examples) but I have an issue.

Not having programed in Linux before, what are the Standards for a
Linux application for programm specific settings?

Standards?..Must be just me, but could you elaborate on that..
Do you mean something like
username = foo
password = bar
keep these variables in a file which your application can read and login to
the database with the given credentials..
Hmmm..Won't a simple text file do the job..You could prolly name it
dndrc.conf or something and keep it in /etc/ while make installing the app
for a global setting or the user's home directory if its a per-user setting,
like '.dndrc'. Thats one standard I am aware of.

I have been looking for books on programming and have gone through
the entire Devhelp to no avail. I did find gconf but it has only Two
functions... not exactly a lot for the programming tasks I require...

gconf is for gnome-applications and you probably wouldn't want it if its a
non-gnome application.

A noobie programmer
Sudharshan S
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