[Glade-users] General Programming for Glade APplication

Hello All,

I have developed my own program for keeping track of Battles for DnD.
(Yes, a Double geek, I know). It uses Mysql5.0 and works quite well.

I want to be able to save the database name, username, password and
server to a "settings file" and get the user to save these details
once they run the program for the first time. I have created a
Settings screen within Glade and hooked it in, no problems.
I have the Glade programming down pat (thanks to you people on this
list, and the excellent GTK and Glade examples) but I have an issue.

Not having programed in Linux before, what are the Standards for a
Linux application for programm specific settings?

Are the ./rc files for X window settings only?
Is there a "Registry" (like windows has) that I am supposed to save
settings to?
Do I have to manually check, create and read a file that I create and
update the settings in my own format (AKA: Re: Recreating the wheel)?

I have been looking for books on programming and have gone through
the entire Devhelp to no avail. I did find gconf but it has only Two
functions... not exactly a lot for the programming tasks I require...

Any guidelines would be gratefully accepted.


Jason Brisbane
Ubuntu 7.04 Fiesty Fawn User.
Glade2 / GTK2 / MySQL5.0 (as standard with FF and the FF Synaptic

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