[Glade-users] hide image

On Wed, 2007-03-28 at 10:02 +0100, amit bag wrote:
HI All,
           I  am doing a project in glade to add 6 image in a window
and show one at a time .After that by pressing the button it show the
other image .But I am not able to show one image at a time .When I run
it it show all image at a time .I am sending my example with it .first
untar it and then run autogen.sh ,make and ./glade12. Please help me
in finding out the problem .

Hi Amit,
   Glade is an editor for your user interface and can setup the layout
of the widgets in your interface - if you want to see 6 images then
add 6 images, if you want to see one image then just add one.

if you want the image to change based on some event, then just set
the GtkImage to display another graphic.



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