[Glade-users] Using gtkglext

Hi Dan,
  When I saw that you used autogen.sh I actually thought you were doing  what I was doing, use the build 
option to generate all the project +  the template source code, but remove interface.h and interface.c (and  
the entry in Makefile.am) and use libglade on the .glade file instead.
  I used to use Makefile's as well, but with the autotool stuff generated  by the "Build" command, I found 
that I don't need to care about source  file dependencies.  Or maybe I was just being ignorant in that the  
dependencies have to be cared for when I have no idea how to go about  it.  My understanding says when I have 
a new source file I just  add an entry to src/Makefile.am, and when I add a new library I do what  I 
mentioned in the previous mail.
  In fact, if someone can point out if I'm wrong it'll be greatly appreciated.
  : D

Dan Swain <dswain at princeton.edu> wrote:  Thanks Derek,  I'm using Glade-2 so your comments are relevant.  
I was able to get things to work   nicely using libglade instead of the "build" option then creating my own 
makefile, but these   comments will surely come in handy when I get to the point where I want to distribute 
Thanks again!  
- Dan    

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