[Glade-users] my question is

On Wed, 2007-06-13 at 00:33 +0900, l l wrote:
Really ?

What is your question ?


Atm, my question is

1. why vte_terminal_set_size() doesn't work?

Who knows, maybe its bugged, you could add some trace
to it and find out where its going wrong, then find out if
you are misusing the api or if you should fix it directly
in the vte code right ?

2. where is vte_terminal_get_type()
(of course, there is vte_terminal_get_type() but no definition..)

I dont know the vte code at all, but modern GObjects are written
with the G_DEFINE_TYPE() macro which takes care of the definition
of my_object_get_type() for you.


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