[Glade-users] (Lame title ahead) A few random problems / questions...

Hello Glade people!


-The GUI I am testing this with has a GTKAboutDialog. The dialog displays
fine, with an image, license data and authors.
However, the website label (displayed as a button in the interface designer)
becomes a mere label with the URL of my web site. (It is not clicky). Why
would this be?

Not sure, are you running your app in the same environment as you
ran glade ? widgets can react differently when 
   a.) the underlying lib is of a different version
   b.) libgnomeui is initialized
   c.) some resources are discovered (maybe the link is only clickable
       with a known web browser running ?)

Also, and perhaps more importantly, I can't figure out how to assign a
signal handler for the dialog's Close button! Clicking it does nothing
normally. I have tried adding a handler to the "close" signal (in GTKDialog)
for the About window, but it is not triggered.

usually a dialog is "run" and "close" is just one of the possible
responses of the dialog.

-Those configurable menu accelerators are an awesome feature. Do they
require libgnome to work?

-Where can I find out what all these signals mean? For example, "realize"
and "unrealize" baffle me.

use DevHelp or browse the online docs here http://www.gtk.org/api/

signals that are internal to the widget implementation details
(such as "realize") usually have less of a chance of being well
documented, but normally signals that are of significance to the
programmer are documented.

-I find myself overriding all of my programs' windows' delete signal
handlers and adding gtk_true to them, instead having the windows hide /
appear when needed rather than be generated on the spot. Is this normal? Can
I speed this along and have the signals added by default rather than do it
manually every time?

add gtk_widget_hide() as the callback for the delete signal ?

-In the Glade Interface Designer, where I set up signal handlers, there is a
check box that says "After." What does that option do?

it adds G_CONNECT_AFTER to the connect flags when connecting, see
http://developer.gnome.org/doc/API/2.0/gobject/gobject-Signals.html .


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