[Glade-users] Filling treeview FROM glade NOT from code

I would just like to know how to fill the treeview with columns and rows from inside the glade..(i use 

I have filled the treeview from code previously using  c++, Java and Python and the interface is pretty much 
the same...ie first creating (liststore/treestore) models and then assigning the model to treeview.

But what i want is to know is there anyway to do it through glade3 gui ?
i have seen an option in the properties of treeview which says assign columns. On clicking the "..." button 
beside it it opens a dialog box which shows an empty list (teeview actually !) along with three buttons 
"clear", "add" and "OK". The list i think is supposed to show the treemodels...but how to add the treemodels 
to the project ??

Thanks in advance :)

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