[Glade-users] libglade in cygwin, code generation problem , Please help

thanks for the suggestion, it works now

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First, a word about the _debugging_ of your problem: the shell says,

/bin/sh: libglade-config: command not found

Why haven't you checked that the calls to libglade-config are actually
working on your setup, or whether libglade-config is present somewhere
? we would know if it's a path problem or something else.

About the probleme itself:

* Going to the cygwin repository (one directory higher) and searching
for libglade points to libglade2 and libglade2-src as installation
candidates (I guess the -src packages are the development packages ?)

* libglade-config is not present on a Linux system, so I guess replacing

CFLAGS=-g -W -Wall  `libglade-config --cflags`
LIBS=`libglade-config --libs`


CFLAGS=-g -W -Wall  `pkg-config --cflags libglade-2.0`
LIBS=`pkg-config --libs libglade-2.0`

Will be necessary. The place you got these Makefile snippets is
probably out-of-date ? Check this too because the code itself may not
work on glade2.


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