[Glade-users] Various layouts per window

People often use a GtkNotebook with the tabs not visible for this. The 
callback handling the selection of the list or tree you are using in the 
left pane will select the notebook page corresponding to that item in 
the right pane (GtkNotebook).

- Micah Carrick

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Pedro Sousa wrote:

I'm trying to build a project with the following description:

A window consisting of two parts:
  - On the left side, exist a treeview containing items, which can 
have different related information. The information to be insert on 
the items must be set by users, using widgets on the right side.
  - On the right side, the contents will depend on the item selected 
on the left side.
A possible layout is attached in this mail.

How can I have different layouts of the right side, designed with 
glade? What do I need to include in the glade project?

Best regards,
  Pedro Sousa



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