[Glade-users] Problem Glade3 with PHP

On Fri, 2007-04-27 at 17:35 -0300, Marcio Morais wrote:
i m sory
I m from Brazil, my ingles is very bad!

I program in php with gtk
I have problem with glade version 3.
my aplication no run using .xml of Glade-3
Using  .xml gerenate with Glade-2, no problem, is run, perfect!

What is problem?

Good question ! :D

Why dont you please try to tell us what exactly the problem
you're having is, and also please send the glade file.

Oh, you say your application "doesnt run" ? well I'll guess
something - did you set the toplevel window of your application
to be visible ? (Visible property = TRUE ?), by default in glade 3
toplevels are not visible, to prevent unwanted spontainious
showing of all toplevels when calling glade_xml_new().

In any case, if thats not the problem please explain and
send the glade file :)


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