[Glade-users] reading from file

Hi All,
        I want to add a image by reading its name from a file .I don't know is it possible or not .I add the 
image in pixmaps directory.Then in callbacks.c
I add
 image1 = create_pixmap(window1,buff);
Here buff is the buffer where I store the name after reading the name
        from the file .When I run it it show that warning
        WARNING **: Couldn't find pixmap file:
        But when I replace the
        image1 = create_pixmap(window1,buff); with
        image1 = create_pixmap(window1,"image.png");
        It show the image in glade window .When I print the buff I got          image.png.So what is the 
problem .Please tell me .

Amit Kumar Bag

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