[Glade-users] Sharing a File Chooser Dialog Box -> Segfault? - SOLVED

I managed to find a solution myself.  I discovered that this was occurring
no matter what kind of window was added to my glade project.  The solution:
Change the return type of the button_press_event that handles the
gtk_popup_menu to gint instead of gboolean.

On 4/24/07, Dan Swain <dswain at princeton.edu> wrote:

I want to use a file chooser dialog for a few different parts of my
application.  My current method is to create a new dialog each time in code,
but I'd rather use glade+libglade to get a nice one and share it across
multiple instances.  In spirit what I did was this:

in main.h (shared across modules where dialog needs to be used):
GtkWidget *file_dlg;

in main.c (where I handle my widget lookups... the other lookups work fine
and this is the correct name for the widget)
file_dlg = glade_xml_get_widget(xml, "filechooserdialog1");

in callbacks.c, in a callback to handle a popup menu event

The result:  The code compiles fine, the program starts as usual with the
dialog invisible (which is its default state set in glade), but then as soon
as I right click in the area that should create the popup containing the
menu entry that should show the file chooser, the program dies in a
segfault.  The weird part is that I get the same error even if I comment out
the gtk_widget_show line (so the dialog isn't ever referenced in that
module).  I have another window (one that I created in glade, not a stock
dialog) that works fine using this same framework with no errors.  Any ideas
why the file chooser dialog would cause a seg fault when it's not even being
accessed?  Is it something different about that type of dialog as opposed to
a regular window?

Thanks in advance,
- Dan

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