[Glade-users] GUI - with Glade on solaris platform

On Wed, 2007-04-04 at 15:51 +0530, srikanth kshatriy wrote:

Hi folks..

Myself srikanth. I ve start up with the project zone administration
GUI on solaris platform.
Am using solaris10 and glade 2.0 is available on that. Once i ve
designed the GUI, how do 
i compile  and run the project? Do i need to install anymore packages?
Could anybody tell me the details of how to start up this project??

If you are starting your project, I should strongly urge you to
use libglade and dont bother with encumbersome generated source
files, if glade 2.0 is what is available and you are comfortable
with that - it doesnt really matter, you can always switch from
glade 2 to glade 3 and back (glade 3 would give you undo/redo
and let you edit multiple projects and copy widgets back and forth

Wrt compiling your project - basically what we've all been doing
is copying what others have done in other projects, I'd recommend
you study the devhelp sources & makefiles as they are quite
simple and to the point wrt to way they use glade, just ignore/remove
everything that has to do with the mozilla gecko :)

One day Anjuta may become good at creating your makefiles for you :)


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