[Glade-users] Passing User defined data in signal handlers[through Glade defined widgets]

Hi All,

I am new to Glade and to this list. I am creating a new
application UI interface through glade[glade-2].

I have a couple of queries regarding passing application data in signal
handlers. The details of which are given below:

Query 1: Regarding passing user data in menu item signal handlers
a. I have an application where I create the menu items
through Glade. The menu editor gives me only a Handler
option, where I add the signal handler that needs to be called.
Apart from the signal handler call,   I also need to pass the user data[or
udata ]
as well, when this handler gets called. For eg:  I have a menu item of this
- ByteStream
- Enum
- Parameter
[Where ByteStream, Enum, Parameter are sub menuitems are under Add].
Each of the activations of ByteStream, Enum, Parameter call the same
signal handler [add_parameter]. I also need to pass a constant alongwith
this call
[for eg BYTESTREAM, ENUM, PARAMETER], to identify which menu item
was activated.

Is it possible to make this constant get passed using the signal handler
added through

For comparison sake, if I had to create the menuitems manually, I would have
had code like this:
 $param_bytestream_menuitem->signal_connect( ACTIVATE, \&add_parameter,
 $param_enum_menuitem->signal_connect( ACTIVATE, \&add_parameter, ENUM);

Query 2: Regarding Passing user data in signal handlers
I have another  requirement in the application to pass user data alongwith
the signal handlers for other
Gtk widgets for eg: Toolbar widgets. [Similar
to the above one]. This data is in the form of constants.
I understand that the 'Object' portion under the Signals can be used for
this purpose.
But,  I am not clear as to how to use this portion and what type of values
to give in here.
For eg in my case, I need to pass constants alongwith the signal handler

Any help for the above two issues, will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards
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