[Glade-users] RE : Re: Glade-3 with python

The wrong things is that the nothing is visible and I can't find visible property...

And the same glade file is working inside a mono project...

I attached python code and both glade 2 and 3 file.

Tristan Van Berkom <tvb at gnome.org> a ?crit : Alexandre Petitjean wrote:
this work with a glade-2 file but not with glade-3... 
Is it a glade error or my python code wich is wrong ? 

    Your python code that is binding to libglade should
remain the same - can you please describe more precicely
what you mean by "doesnt work" ?

If your windows are not showing up - do they have the "visible"
property set to TRUE ?

Could you please send the glade file generated by glade-2, that
after you saved it in glade-3 stopped working properly ?
(This way we can quickly identify any possible bugs of that nature).


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