[Glade-users] Update progressbar from forked child

Steven wrote:
Hi Tristan,

Thx for your answer.  I'll subscribe to the gtk lists.

I tried your solution, and it works half...

If I use vfork, my main window hangs until the child is done, and then
the progressbar is updated nicely
(but the function keeps running, despite the return FALSE;)
If I use fork, the main window doesn't hang but the idle_function isn't
executed (even not when the child exits)

Do you mind glancing an eye on my code ?  I'm not used to program GUIs
and work with events etc, so I guess it's a stupid mistake somewhere.
And I'll be glad if you could point it out :-)

Yes I did glance at the code, and I gave you a solution, I told you
to use a thread - dont fork your program - use a thread.


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