[Glade-users] Question/Comment on TreeView in glade

Mehdi Rabah wrote:
Ok, thanks for the answer.
Glade3 already seems great. Is there any accessible roadmap or preview?
I wish you the best.

Not really... I recently updated http://glade.gnome.org/todo.html, and
I'll try to keep the TODO file up-to-date... but I havent ever put much
in the TODO (just items pertaining to the immediate milestone).

The state of affairs is probably most up-to-date here:

To put the blocking items briefly:
     o Couple of annoying bugs (316900, 327379, 315600)
     o libglade/glade3 namespace issue to sort out (compiling glade3 into
       an app that uses libglade currently has issues... i.e. anjuta)
     o Accelerator keys to implement (I have that at about a 25% write-up).
     o Gnome widget support (patch is currently under review and looking good).
     o Toolbar editing (implementation exists... need to deal with existing
       hacks in current glade files).


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