[Glade-users] "Dead" widgets like the ones created in Glade

Hi all,

        This is a question which might be intended to the Glade-developers 
list, but it might sound somewhat silly there and will not contribute to 
the development of Glade itself.

        Does anyone know how exactly does work the placement of widgets in a 
form, like Glade does? I tried to read the source code, but could not 
guess it. For example, how to get those little squares and a border 
around a widget to allow resizing them with the mouse? How can someone 
get this effect of dragging a widget in the form, or having a label text 
altered "live" while writing this text in a GtkEntry in other form?

        Please understand that I am not trying to know implementation details 
for each of those features -- "use GtkDoThat here, loop through that, 
etc" --, even though details would be surely greatly appreciated. It is 
more something like what approach to use in GTK if I wanted to create 
something like a form designer, in a few lines. Is it simply a question 
of manipulating the signals and handlers, or does it require the 
creation of new components and direct Gdk use? Glade, just like most of 
the software available, is not well documentated about this.

Thank you very much and best regards!

Fabricio Rocha
Brasilia, Brasil

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